Comedian Limmy to create crowdfunded online show

The Scottish comedian Limmy has announced that he will produce monthly '˜episodes' of his own content after an ongoing fund-raising drive.

Brian "Limmy" Limond . Picture: John Devlin
Brian "Limmy" Limond . Picture: John Devlin

Limmy, real name Brian Limond, has a huge following online and turned to creative crowdfunding platform Patreon for the episodes, with around £3500 billed as the cost for each episode.

“Limmy’s Homemade Show” promises to be chunks of Limmy’s native content, like his ‘guides to Glasgow’ and on a similar scale to his legendary ‘Vine’ skits.

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Despite sharing a name, it doesn’t appear that the new venture will be the same semi-traditional sketch format of his BBC programme “Limmy’s Show” which ran for three series.

Limmy said recently that he had proposed a spin-off sitcom based on the show’s character “Falconhoof”, which was rejected by the BBC.

“Patron’s” on the new show can pledge just $2 a month to receive an episode of the show before it is uploaded to Youtube, where most of Limmy’s best-known work is shown.

The original sketches, such as Limmy’s “requiem” calls have racked up a combined millions of views on the video platform.

Limmy is returning to his roots after the success of his two books, That’s Your Lot, and his short story compilation “Daft Wee Stories”.

The star tweeted earlier this week: “Thank you VERY much for backing me, folks, I will endeavour to bring you the very best in top flight entertainment for your money .”