Chvrches set to appear in new Archie comic book series

Scottish synthpop band Chvrches are set to make history - by becoming the first real-life band to appear in The Archies comic book series.

Glasgow trio Chvrches are set to appear in The Archies comic book series. Picture:

The Glasgow trio - Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty - will appear briefly in one issue of the new series before taking a more prominent role in the third issue, according to MTV News, where they will encounter the fictional garage band while on tour.

Not even sessions musicians Ron Dante and Toni Wine - who recorded 1969’s chart-topping, six-million-record-selling Sugar, Sugar as ‘The Archies’ - have made an appearance in the TV or comic book series.

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The storyline in the comic will follow The Archies as they embark on a live tour and find out what life is like on the road - with Mayberry, Cook and Doherty on hand to provide advice.

Writer Alex Segura told MTV News: “We are super excited that Chvrches is the first band to show up in The Archies.

“When you think of Chvrches, you don’t just think of their music - you think of thow they present themselves, and how they have a look and a vibe and to me, that translated immediately into comic books.”

Segura added that initial drawings of the band, created by Joe Eisma (and available to view on, convinced them to follow through with the idea.

Co-writer Matt Rosenberg added: “Taking [The Archies] out of their elements is really key. That plays a lot into their roles in the band and who they are - what is Veronica like when she hasn’t slept? What is Jughead like when all he can eat is the stuff at a gas station?”

The Archies. Picture:

Other real-life bands, as yet unidentified, are also slated to appear in the series.

The Archies. Picture: