Chris Evans: why a hashtag cancelling the Virgin Radio DJ is trending on Twitter - and how the US actor of the same name is involved

The #ChrisEvansIsOverParty hashtag could have something to do with a link to Jeffrey Epstein

Why is #ChrisEvansIsOverParty trending on Twitter? (Photo: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

When a celebrity has done something bad, they can expect to see their name trend on Twitter with a hashtag like #[Name]IsOverParty.

But the latest celebrity cancellation on Twitter involves a case of mistaken identity, as fans of American actor Chris Evans are confused about what he has done wrong.

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This is what you need to know about hashtag #ChrisEvansIsOverParty, which is trending on Twitter.

Why is #ChrisEvansIsOverParty trending on Twitter?

The hashtag likely began trending due to the confusion of the identity of Chris Evans.

It actually refers to British DJ Chris Evans - not the American actor known for his role as Captain America in the Marvel films.

For those scrolling through the hashtag, it’s mainly filled with confusion as to why the US Chris Evans might be getting “cancelled” - and nothing to do with the UK Chris Evans at all.

One person tweeted: “Who else don’t know wtf is going on? #chrisevansisoverparty”

“When #chrisevansisoverparty is trending but so many people are tweeting about how they don’t know why it’s trending so that no matter how far I scroll, I can’t figure out why #chrisevansisoverparty is trending,” tweeted another.

Someone else wrote: “I was just trying to see what did he do, so I was scrolling through the tweets in the hashtag and all I saw was tweets like << “omg what did he do?” >>, so what am I supposed to do now? #ChrisEvansisoverparty”.

What did Chris Evans do?

Allegedly, British radio host, Chris Evans, had links to Jeffrey Epstein, with his name apparently appearing in what is known as Epstein’s “little black book” which contained names of people he might have known socially.

Evans’ name allegedly appeared alongside the likes of Mick Jagger, Will Smith, Naomi Campbell and Donald Trump.

Gawker published the Little Black Book online in 2015, with names available to see, but with addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses all redacted. The name Chris Evans does appear in this publication.

There is no implication that Evans has been involved in any wrongdoing. When reporting on the story, The New York times stated that the names in the book are likely to be a map of aspirational connections, as well as actual ones.

The radio DJ did face sexual assault allegations from a woman in 2016 - however the case was closed by the Metropolitan Police due to insufficient evidence.

While the hashtag is likely to have started trending due to people looking to defend the US actor, it’s unclear as to why it started in the first place.