Children left ‘frightened’ after Matilda cast suddenly dash off stage

Families are demanding refunds from the Edinburgh Playhouse after the cast of Matilda The Musical suddenly dashed off stage during a performance – twice.

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Matilda, the smash hit musical arrives in Edinburgh with new cast

But the auditorium was once again left in a state of disbelief moments later when the cast rushed off stage for the second time.

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This led to many concerned customers going to ask questions to discover what was happening with tensions rising.

Matilda The Musical

“We’d heard rumours of technical difficulties with the set but nothing like that was communicated by staff,” said Ms Gould.

“Apparently this had happened in the matinee show too. My niece was going back to Perth and had a train booked so when it stopped for the second time we decided to leave because we wouldn’t have been able to see the ending.

“We left with no guarantee of a refund which a lot of people were asking for and I think we should be all entitled to because it’s a lot of money.

“It’s such a shame because we’d heard it’s such an 
amazing show. We’ve come away very disappointed.”

Many others who attended the show over the weekend have been reacting on social media.

One parent said: “We were there on Friday night and whilst appreciate some issues are obviously unavoidable, I felt some kind of explanation should’ve been given.

“My little girl was frightened seeing the stage staff dressed in black ushering cast off the stage. It was alarming!

“These tickets were really expensive, a special treat, first time experience of theatre for my daughter. The experience certainly wasn’t as we’d expected or hoped for.”

Another, Amy Bradley, said: “The show was absolutely fantastic, real shame about the stoppages on Friday night as it stopped the flow of the show for the audience but massive respect to the cast, especially the children who carried on without faltering as it must have been very disruptive for them also! Fingers crossed no more performances are disrupted.”

An Edinburgh Playhouse spokesman said: “Regrettably we had to stop the show during performances of Matilda The Musical at the Edinburgh Playhouse this weekend.

“With a live show as technical as this one these rare stoppages do occur and we have to put the safety of the cast first. The decision to pause during a show isn’t taken lightly but was deemed necessary to allow the remainder of the show to continue.

“An announcement was made by the stage manager to the audience and the front of house teams at the beginning, during and as the show was about to commence. Remaining performances will go ahead as planned.”

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