Brian Ferguson: BlundaBus is the perfect refuge from the Edinburgh rain

The bright red double decker has been a tempting sight throughout the Fringe at the end of South College Street.

Bob Slayer's BlundBus is giving jester Rumpel a lift. Picture: Toby Williams
Bob Slayer's BlundBus is giving jester Rumpel a lift. Picture: Toby Williams

But Bob Slayer’s BlundaBus proved to be the perfect refuge from biblical downpours on Monday night – particularly as it led to the most maverick discovery of the month so far.

Jangling jester Jolly Goodfellow, aka Rumpel “the worldly wild card”, is making his Fringe debut as part of a somewhat unhinged mission to perform in every country in Europe, including several 24-hour stints. Among the remarkable array of testimonials on his website are descriptions of his “giddy physical buffoonery”, “Fool with a capital F” and, from Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons: “I like your voice.”

Hop aboard Bob’s Blundabus at 11:15pm to join his journey.

• Talking of jangling, of nerves this time, I’ve survived a few front-row experiences at the Fringe already, the latest under the gaze of drag act, Myra DuBois.

The torrential rain outside encouraged more than a few festival-goers to seek refuge in The Counting House, one of the biggest hubs for free shows on the Fringe.

DuBois was as cutting as the harshest critic in the descriptions of her audience and the responses she was generating on what is traditionally one of the quietest nights on the Fringe. During one break in the banter she noticed the crowds gathering in the corridor seemed to be having a better time than those in her show…

• Cheekiest pitch of the festival so far goes to Steve Bennett, the Irish Comedian of the Year, who is performing in the back room at Finnegan’s Wake, one of many music venues in the Old Town which have been all but given over to stand-up comedy at the Fringe.

Bennett is gamely trying to get journalists into his Fringe show, but also warning that no special arrangements are being made to ensure they will get a seat.

His latest missive, entitled “You probably won’t get in,” states: “I’ve got a very popular show and every day I turn away at least a few dozen people. I’d love to see you there but please get there early (at least 30 minutes) and queue up.”