Best late-night shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Some of the best shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe take place after dark - here are our pick of some of the best.

The Edinburgh Fringe
The Edinburgh Fringe

A Gala for Mental Health

“The Mental Health Foundation’s annual gala show returns for a third year. Carl Donnelly, Hannah Gadsby, Seymour Mace, Angela Barnes and Robert White team up for a night of comedy supported by The Scotsman that tackles mental health with honesty and hilarity. Proceeds go to the Mental Health Foundation, one of the UK’s leading mental health charities.

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Best Edinburgh Festival Fringe shows on this evening

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    A Gala For Mental Health has consistently featured some of the most talked about acts in Edinburgh – book now for the must see benefit show of the Fringe!”

    At the Pleasance Dome (tonight only). 11pm

    Otto and Astrid: Eurosmash!

    “Alongside the music, the complicated relationship between the two continues to delight.

    “Otto is fragile, doesn’t like people using their outside voices inside and his songs are, he explains, deep. We hear some of Automatic Door but are spared his Safety and Accident Prevention anthem ‘Trying not to Die’.

    “There is not a part of you that will not like this show, but please don’t flirt with Otto. Astrid doesn’t like it.”

    At Underbelly Cowgate, 10pm

    The Ruby Darlings: Lil’ Darling’s Lady Power

    “After a liberating opening number involving a cavalcade of vaginal euphemisms, Lil’ Darling zeroes in on the increasingly stringent expectations surrounding the female anatomy from the absurd (the vagaries of public fashion) to the alarming (the rise in genital plastic surgery).

    “Lady Power is also kept on point by Lil Darling’s assured control of the energy of the room. As a member of the cabaret troupe the Ruby Darlings, she is skilled at audience engagement.”

    At the Voodoo Rooms. 10.30pm

    Reginald D Hunter: Some People vs Reginald D Hunter

    “After a well-received apology on behalf of America for the rollercoaster of US politics, he spent time reflecting on relationships with families both at home and on the road.

    “Brexit, the US Presidential race, ex-girlfriends and unlikely friends and a freshly ignited interest in UK politics keep the laughs flowing, but there was a definite sense that Reginald is drawing a line in preparation for life’s next challenge, whatever comes his way.”

    At the Assembly Rooms at the Mound. 10.30pm