Are these the funniest jokes at this year's Edinburgh Festival?

Every year, performers bring their best to the Edinburgh Festivals. But are these some of the greatest jokes told in 2016?

Does Tom Allen have the best joke of the Festival?

“Just switched from eating venison to pheasant. Absolute game-changer” - Darren Walsh

“Meth was invented as a cure for a yet-to-be-discovered disease. It turns out that disease was teeth.” – Ever Mainard

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“For a long time I was in denial about my sexuality and being bald - I had a wig and a beard.” - Tom Allen

“It all starts innocently, mixing chocolate and Rice Krispies. But before you know it, you’re adding raisins and marshmallows – it’s a rocky road.”- Olaf Falafel

“I regret not having kids as a teenager - there’s loads of benefits to having kids. I mean, literally - you can get loads of benefits.” - Maddy Anholt

“Brexit is like Boris Johnson’s hair – very messy, but acceptable anywhere outside of London.” - Shazia Mirza

“I lost my virginity. Well, I didn’t lose it, I gave it away. For charity. It’s the biggest non-tax-deductible donation I’ve made.” - Felicity Ward

“I recently learned that being in the vegan club is the exact opposite of being in fight club. In that, the first rule of vegan club is: tell everyone about vegan club; and the second rule of vegan club is: tell everyone about vegan club; and then the third rule is: don’t eat meat etc.” - Tez Ilyas

“I’ve been happily married for four years- out of a total of 10.” - Mark Watson

“Racism is like cricket, it was invented here but perfected in Australia.” – Nish Kumar

“I saw a recipe for guilt free pizza. The only time you should feel guilty after pizza is if you’ve killed the delivery boy.” - Ed Gamble

“Cheryl Cole is like a Siamese cat: gorgeous, sleek and unable to use a spoon without the help of a human.” - Jess Robinson

“Is it possible to mistake schizophrenia for telepathy, I hear you ask.” - Jordan Brookes