Your Views on Hibs' Display

Gary Stanes, Muirhouse: "Same old story in a derby game, we always have the major possession in these games and they have one shot at goal and score, totally lucky. The second half was bit more even but we were always in control and it was only luck that stopped us winning the game."

Mike Newbury, Newington: "Last time it was an even draw but we dominated them but never scored. How many times do we let them off the hook?"

Alan Bird, Corstorphine: "On that performance they will be delighted with the draw, but in fairness that was all we deserved, Yogi must seriously be looking at his tactics, three players out of position at the back and it just didn't help that Stokes and Riordan play so far apart they must be closer together up front."

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Alan Cameron, Musselburgh: "Great to see Kevin McBride back, that was a plus point as we looked better when he came on but it was too late, Nish should also have come on as well."

Steven Wilson, North Berwick: "Wotherspoon and Rankin were all over the place and apart from Liam Miller we looked lost in the middle of the park, glad to get a draw but we should be destroying this team."

John Bremner, Penicuik: "It was frightening that it looked like they wanted the victory more that us, it was only McBride that steadied the ship."

Jamie Hendon, Colinton: "Frustrating to see us passing up the chance to win the derby, we missed a load of chances in the first half and should have won."

Alan Firth, Sighthill: "It just wasn't to be, we should have been up at half-time instead of them"

Scott Flynn, Leith: "They walked away with a draw after putting very little into the game, I can't believed that we didn't win the game."

Jamie Hughes, Lochend: "We dropped another two home points against a poor Hearts team, we suffered from lack of belief as each individual player seemed to be scared to play their natural game, get into them Hibs, don't just stand back and let them play."

Dave Heaking Duddingston: "Another derby game we have just allowed them to escape with a point, dire from a few players and Yogi must re-read the tactics book as his team selection and position selection was not good. Plus point was McBride returning after injury and hopefully this will help."

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Josh Cameron, Leith: "We didn't play well but got a point in the derby, keeps both sides of the city happy."

Liam McDougal, Leith: "We did okay in the first half and Stokes getting another goal was okay but there was a chance for us to win the game if Hughes had used his subs better and earlier."

Frank Muir, Leith: "Two sent off for a wee fracas in the second half, I just wished some other players we in the same mood as McCormack and got stuck in to them, we stood off them which isn't right in a derby game."

Scott Hamilton, Leith: "Didn't satisfy the appetite, I was anticipating a really good game but the players on both sides failed to impress. Best player for Hibs was Miller and Stokes, who keeps on doing his job in front of goals."