Your Views on Hearts' Display

Robert Cox, Prestonfield: "An absolutely horrific 90 minutes from Hearts. If it hadn't been for Marian Kello, it might have been even worse. We need to pick ourselves up as soon as possible because we have a lot of big games coming up."

Paul Shand, Haymarket: "A shocking display from Hearts. There was no fight at all from the team. It was embarrassing watching that. The players should be ashamed of themselves."

Stuart Craig, Polwarth: "It doesn't get much worse than that. We handed the points on a plate to Aberdeen. I am gutted at how we played. They tore us apart. We desperately need signings."

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Douglas Maxwell, Haymarket: "There are no positives you can take out of a game like that. We are a complete shambles. The lack of quality throughout the side is evident."

Scott Ernest, Edinburgh: "Everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong. From the moment their second goal went in, we capitulated. There was a lack of effort and ability last night."

Bobby McPhail, Muirhouse: "That really hurts. We have let ourselves down badly. Their goalkeeper barely had a save to make. Losing 3-0 at home to Aberdeen is a disgrace."

Darren Goldie, Newcraighall: "The worst performance I've seen from Hearts in a long, long time. The game against St Johnstone on Saturday is absolutely massive for us now because we have a tough fight for a top-six spot."

Alison Bolger, Newington: "We were brought back down to earth with a bump. I think we're a poor side who have had a lot of luck lately and our luck ran out last night. Shocking."

John Anderson, Gilmerton: "Those who were in the side last night are not fit to wear maroon. Not one player deserved any credit out of the match. We were diabolical. I can't say I'm looking forward to the semi-final now."

Alex McGillvray, Colinton: "A miserable night for everyone connected with Hearts. It was all over within ten minutes of the second half. Hopefully, this will open Vladimir Romanov's eyes."

Sam, Kelty: "This current crop of young Hearts players being thrown in at the deep end of the SPL are nowhere near ready physically and, frankly, I don't see a lot of potential stars of the future among them."

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Car, Elphinstone: "We were playing okay until useless David Obua returned. Csaba Laszlo can't see past him but he is lazy. What a bad defeat. We need a clear-out. Wee Scott Robinson ran his heart out, as did Mikey Stewart but they were the only two with pass marks."

Michael Knight, Newtongrange: "What a shocking performance from Hearts. The best thing about our team has been our defence and they where walked all over by Aberdeen. Plus, I don't know why Obua gets a game. He is currently the worst player in a maroon jersey – he's not even good enough to clean the boots of a Hearts first-team player. This is one very unhappy Jambo."