Were latest substitutions necessary?

In an interview with the Evening News last December Scotland coach Andy Robinson denied making pre-ordained substitutions but once again the facts appeared to fly in the face of that on Saturday.

On or around the 57th minute and Jim Hamilton, Chris Cusiter, Dan Parks and Al Strokosch were simultaneously withdrawn and replaced when it was stretching credibility that all four were running out of steam at the same time.

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That is especially the case set against recent Six Nations alterations.

Four examples from last season: v Italy – Rory Lawson, Ross Ford and Geoff Cross all substituted in the 63rd minute; v England – Ruairidh Jackson, Rory Lawson and Moray Low all substituted between the 53rd and 55th minute; v Ireland – Ruaridh Jackson, Geoff Cross and Ross Ford all substituted in the 53rd minute.

Increasingly it seems continuity is being disrupted by substituting individuals who still appear to be contributing.