Usain Bolt vows to entertain Commonwealth Games crowd

OLYMPIC Champion Usain Bolt has pledged to run in the relay heats and “entertain” the Commonwealth Games audiences in Glasgow.

Usain Bolt. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

The six-time Olympic gold medal winner arrived on Saturday and took part in his first media conference this afternoon, at which he dealt with questions ranging from his views on Scottish Independence and the Israel-Palestinian war - he said he knew too little about either to comment - to whether he would wear a kilt (“red is not my colour”) and what his motivation was in coming to Glasgow when he had ruled himself out of the 100m and 200m sprints for which he holds the world records.

The reason, he explained, was that injury had deprived him of competing in the Jamaican sprint trials and so he did not wish to now deprive a compatriot of a Games place, but that he had always wanted to take part in the Commonwealth Games - an event he has not graced due to injury in the past.

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He will stay in the athletes village with everyone else and had words of advice for Scottish athletes seeking to perform under the pressure of a home Games.

Usain Bolt. Picture: Lisa Ferguson