Stuart Fraser on fishing: Sunday sessions offer the perfect mix at Menteith

I HAVE to admit I do like the Sunday session on the Lake of Menteith with its noon start and 7pm finish.

It gives the best of both sessions and is normally a lot more productive – for me that is.

Pulling into the car park it was bright with swirling winds which was going to make fishing difficult. We motored out and round into International Bay which is a good starting point normally. But on this occasion the wind, mostly from the north, was turning the boat in all directions. It felt like every boat had the same idea so we drifted to the Rookery.

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Keeping tight into the reeds we were soon picking up fish with dark Buzzers and a white Cat on the point. Fishing deep and slow the fish were very receptive and we ended up in double figures for the boat. The fish are slightly smaller this season but the fight is every bit as good and we were both smashed out on several occasions.

As the sun started setting and the wind started to ease the trout came to the surface to play. If you could manage to hold back your cast and wait for one to rise, then cover it, every second cast would get a response or take.

It turned into a fantastic session and I came home really tired, but very content and awaiting my next outing there.