Stanton was everything today’s Hibs squad are not

Aidan Smith’s interview with Pat Stanton (3 April) was wonderfully reminiscent for Hibbies of a certain vintage, so many memories surfaced it was almost painful to recall those halcyon days.

My own feeling was one of deep regret and wishful thinking – what the present Hibs squad requires is the class, determination and driving runs of Pat Stanton in full flow. I am certain Yogi Hughes is only too painfully aware of this also.


New Cut Rigg


Italian belief in booing doesn’t make it right

Given my concern at the unsportsmanlike behaviour at Murrayfield when opposition place kickers are booed, Stephen Kilpatrick (Sports View, 29 March) suggests that I go to Rome to where “they have made booing at place kicks compulsory”. Unfortunately, I have been at the Stadio Flaminio for all of Scotland’s Six Nations matches and have the depression to prove it.

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However, the behaviour of the Italian fans may be unfortunate but it in no way does it excuse similar behaviour at Murrayfield. The SRU should take the lead and request the Scottish crowd to show customary respect for kickers.



By Linlithgow

Sparkling shinty too often left in the shade

Shinty is a fast and exciting game. Anyone who watched last year’s Scotland v Ireland match will remember it as being one of the sporting events of 2009. It was a real nail-biter from start to finish – pure quality.

I should also mention Ronald Ross aka Ronaldo of the Glens. In any other sport he would not be off the television, and would be a household name with his 1000-plus goals for Kingussie and Scotland.