Six Nations: Your views on Scotland’s display

The fans give their verdict on Scotland’s Calcutta Cup defeat

Grant Alexander, Haymarket: Robinson might as well give some of the young guys like Stuart Hogg and Matt Scott a chance. They are the future and apparently they both played well for the A team on Friday. He should start building now.

Alex Young, Shandon: Parks made a blunder for the try but it wasn’t his only mistake. Even his good bits were only average. I hope Laidlaw starts at No. 10 next week.

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George Wilson, Newhaven: It must be really disheartening for the Edinburgh guys. Their confidence is so high at the moment that they clearly believe they can beat anybody. I just hope they don’t come back from another disappointing Six Nations with their confidence low again.

Jon Tibbett, New Town: Scotland had so much possession and played all the rugby. Can it really be that difficult to coach a team to score tries. It seems that every other team in the world can do it except us.

Graeme Hodges, Canonmills: You have to blame the coaches. Robinson will come out with the usual ‘we are working hard and trying our best’ but it must be doing the players’ heads in that they just cannot score a try. He picked a dull, safe team and it’s backfired.

Jamie Lawrence, Canonmills: Edinburgh have been scoring tries for fun this season so I don’t understand why the same players can’t do it in a Scotland jersey.