Should we be worried about a water hazard at Trump Turnberry’s 15th? – leader comment

So, an attempt by the Trump Organisation to reclassify farmland near Turnberry so it can build luxury villas and other houses (surely they would be luxury too?) has been rejected by planners.

Donald Trump's puppet was one of the first to be revealed by the team behind the Spitting Image reboot.

“Fake planning!” one can already hear the almost-certainly outraged US President protest.

In his head, it’s probably all a crazy conspiracy to thwart what would have been the best housing development ever in the world. Until his next one that is.

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The Scotsman, however, has full confidence in the good planners of South Ayrshire.

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But maybe, just maybe, Trump is currently too preoccupied to start asking his friend Boris Johnson to “do us a favour” and sort out his little local difficulty.

If not with looming impeachment proceedings, then with his other big building project – the Wall.

A new book claims Trump wanted to add a moat with alligators and snakes to defend America’s southern border.

“Fake news!” he tweeted. “I may be tough on Border Security, but not that tough.”

Sounds ludicrous, but it’s hard to tell with Trump. He’s probably just decided to repurpose the idea as a water hazard near Turnberry’s 15th.