‘The SFA has embarrassed itself’ - Best Twitter reactions to Alex McLeish’s sacking as Scotland boss

Scotland fans have provided their reaction to Alex McLeish’s sacking as Scotland boss by the Scottish FA.

Many fans reserved their criticism for the SFA...

@euangtaylor: “Why on earth did it take them that long to sack McLeish? A complete and utter shambles.”

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@rossdunbar93: “A good guy put into a very challenging situation. The blame should go to those at the top of Scottish football.”

@RJMcL: “Those that appointed Alex McLeish and then decided to sack him should be next out the door.”

@stjohnstone1884: “Glad for both his sake and the national team that Alex McLeish has left his role. Chances of the blazers not making another poor appointment? Shame to see Peter Grant lose his job too...”

@RossArmour346: “The SFA has embarrassed itself in the entire #McLeish saga, right back to their public pursuit and failure to attain Michael O’Neill. That whole organisation needs a complete revamp for the sake of our national team and game #Scotland”

@gjsportsblog: “The biggest surprise about McLeish getting sacked is the SFA actually doing something smart.”

Alex McLeish has left Scotland. Picture: SNS/Craig Williamson

Ex-Hearts and Hibs midfielder Michael Stewart was relieved with the decision:

@mstewart_23: “The right decision taken by the SFA to rectify a situation that should never have arisen in the first place. Hope springs eternal and hopefully the SFA board learn from previous mistakes when appointing their new boss this time. We have a squad capable of getting to EURO 2020.”

Others were just happy:

@TheMrLiamD: “And not a tear was shed”

@eubo1999: “Ya beauty, get in there.”

@AllanForsyth: “Bye ‘Eck! Alex McLeish leaves his role after achieving his ambition of setting back Scottish football by at least a decade.”

@fred_heron: “Good. Time to start looking at decent PL players like snodgrass and cairney rather than MLS players unforgivable what happened against Borat’s lot.”

But there was sympathy for McLeish:

@PhilipsGrant: “Alex McLeish is a really lovely bloke...”

@JordanC1107: “Sad how it turned out for big Eck. A gent who had to operate in difficult circumstances. If this is how his football career ends then he’s had a far better one then most.”

SBienkowski: “McLeish deserves immense credit for bringing in so many young players from the Premiership -something Strachan never had the courage to do - but his ability to set up the team to win games simply wasn’t good enough. I hope the next coach builds on his foundations.”

@Hilda2302: “Thanks for your great service to Scotland as a player and manager over two spells. You have left us with a great chance of qualification via the play-offs already secured. A true Hall of Fame legend.”

Some were able to see the funny side of the situation:

@birkiegary: “I’m going to enjoy the brief interregnum between McLeish’s sacking and the inevitably underwhelming appointment that will follow. If it’s Malky Mackay I’ll burst out laughing.”

@SimpsonsSPFL: “Hi, I’m manager Eck McLeish. You may remember me from such national team departures as ‘Scotland’s Adventures Down the FIFA Rankings’ and ‘The Irresistible Offer of Birmingham City’.”

@JosephDanger: “Give it Giggsy to end of the season.”

@JoeRichardson93: “Reckon Scotland won’t find anyone and will eventually just bring in McLeish again but with a fake moustache”

Already fans are speculating as to who should replace McLeish:

@_CraigTurnbull: “Get Steve Clarke in please”

@BarryAnderson_: “Of course, the wider issue here is that the SFA structure needs ripped up to improve Scotland’s football fortunes in the long-term. Cronyism must be brought to an end and a bright, ambitious, forward-thinking new hierarchy put in place. Now.”

@aHellofaBeating: “Can we just agree now that the next Scotland manager do not ‘have to be British’? And also that Shelley Kerr is an entirely legitimate candidate for consideration? Thank you.”

@mstewart_23: “I’d also add that we should stop devaluing our national team with “nobody will want the job”. This is an exciting squad of players, yes it’s not going to be easy but the potential rewards, which are very possible of achieving, are immense. Legendary status awaits someone.”

@RaeComm: “The job need not go to someone born in Scotland. It can, but sadly our managers are not in demand to coach anyone else‘s national team. So change the default position. Assess the field on a global basis. Give an advantage by getting the best available regardless of birth.”

@RuaraidhB: “On another note, seeing David Moyes given odds of 3/1 is infuriating. His outdated techniques would see us go in a vicious circle just like we did with McLeish. Amazed Paul Lambert’s name is even being mentioned never mind considered!”

@A_Southwick: “Would have said Neil Lennon for the Scotland job but looking increasingly likely he’ll get the Celtic gig full-time. Derek McInnes is about to enter the final year of his Aberdeen contract & I’d be surprised if he signs another one. It shouldn’t be Moyes anyway. I think he’s capable of doing the job, but if you want to inspire the support, appointing a guy who’s repeatedly said he’s not that interested & will likely jump first chance he gets isn’t the way to do that.”

@EilidhBarbour: “Shame it didn’t work for Alex McLeish but an opportunity now to try and find someone who can develop and nurture a young and talented squad. For me, also time to shake off the need for a Scot. Unless Clarke, Ross etc want it, got to widen the circle IMO.”

@eoghannmacleoid: “If it’s Malky Mackay replacing him, I’m done.”

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