Scottish Grand National: How they ran . . .


1 Merigo

2 Gone To Lunch

3 No Panic

4 Razor Royale

5 Dom D'Orgeval

6 Out The Black

7 Idle Talk


Ma Yahab (pulled up)

Meanus Dandy (pulled up)

That's Rhythm (fell)

Halcon Genelardais (pulled up)

Poker De Sivola (pulled up)

Lothian Falcon (unseated)

Killyglen (pulled up)

According To John (fell)

Auroras Encore (fell)

Present M'Lord (pulled up)

Gidam Gidam (pulled up)

Lorum Leader (pulled up)

Scots Dragoon (pulled up)

Cleni Boy (pulled up)

Western Gale (pulled up)

Himalayan Trail (pulled up)

Superior Wisdom (fell)

Craiglands (pulled up)

Chiaro (pulled up)

Mobaasher (pulled up)

Faasel (pulled up)

Montero (fell)

Theatrical Moment (pulled up)