Ryder Cup: Ian Poulter feels the noise at Medinah

Wonder no more what would happen if the crowd screamed in the middle of a golfer’s backswing.

It’s happened two days in a row at the Ryder Cup by design, signalling what might be the start of a new tradition – on the other side of the Atlantic, at least.

US golfer Bubba Watson got things off to a raucous start on Friday, stepping onto the tee box and waving his arms like a cheerleader, exhorting fans in the packed grandstands to get on their feet and yell.

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As the wall of noise closed in, Watson addressed his opening drive and crushed it down the middle of the fairway. The roar got even louder.

The moment so energised players on both teams that when Watson did the same thing on his opening tee shot yesterday, Europe’s Ian Poulter, pictured, encouraged the crowd to keep howling and promptly followed suit.

“It was ridiculous. A special moment,” Poulter said. “It’s an amazing amphitheatre to stand there and hit that first tee shot, even when it’s quiet.

“I knew Bubba was going to do it today,” he added, “so why not join him?”

Why not indeed? Considering how many players on both sides embraced the bedlam at the first hole, it will be interesting to see whether any players 
will try to pump the crowd up before teeing off in their singles matches today.

Though he’s been an emotional lightning rod for the US team during the first two days, count American Keegan Bradley out.

“Personally, I’d probably miss the ball,” he said.