Rugby World Cup: Are you missing the Scotland game? – leader comment

Scotland play Russia in the Rugby World Cup at 8.15am today so we thought we’d publish this article at 8.14am as a helpful wee reminder. Come on Scotland!

Scotland flanker John Barclay has been named captain for the game against Russia (Picture: Adrian Dennis/AFPGetty Images)

At The Scotsman we sometimes imagine that our readers sit down to their favourite breakfast, porridge presumably, while leafing through the latest from the paper, website or app.

However, if this is part of your routine, you may wish to break the habit. What, not read the Scotsman?! Surely there cannot be anything more important than that, we hear you cry.

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Well, this morning, we’ll give you a free pass because Scotland are playing Russia at the Rugby World Cup in Japan.

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At 8.15am. Check your watch! Did you forget? If so you may need to rush to switch on the telly, so don’t spill your tea.

Of course, you may have already decided to watch the rugby and defer your dose of daily news until later, which means that if you are reading this after the match, with or without a tea stain, we’re wasting your time a bit.

Sorry. Please blame the rotation of the Earth, not us.

However, tomorrow normal service will be resumed even though there’s another Scotland-Russia game. For those who don’t know, this one is football.

At 7.45. But don’t worry, no tea need be spilt over this one. It’s 7.45pm.