No complaints from Hibs players as Neil Lennon rages

Marvin Bartley has admitted he and his team-mates have brought the wrath of Hibs head coach Neil Lennon upon themselves after the Easter Road club slipped from second to eighth place in the Premiership table, writes David Hardie.

Marvin Bartley admits that manager Neil Lennon 'just wants the best for us'. Picture: SNS.
Marvin Bartley admits that manager Neil Lennon 'just wants the best for us'. Picture: SNS.

Lennon didn’t spare his players as he made his feelings well known but Bartley insisted he had no complaints at the withering criticism directed at them, conceding the Edinburgh club simply hadn’t done well enough in the first half of the season.

Preparing in Dubai for “the big second half” needed, the midfielder said: “We’re professional footballers in a privileged job. If you have a manager shouting at you for a few minutes, we’ll take that. I think most people would swap jobs with us so we’re not going to complain just because the manager sometimes shouts at us. Your manager probably shouts at you!

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“Our manager has been there and done it and he just wants the best for us. We have one of the most successful managers in Scotland. We take on board everything he says because it’s constructive. It’s sometimes just the way he is and the way it comes across and some managers may not be as loud as him. But that’s him and he wants the best for us.

“He treats everyone the same and it’s not as though he gets in anyone’s face. He makes clear what he wants, in no uncertain terms, but he’s honest. He can’t play everyone but if a manager is honest then you accept it.

“I’ve had managers who might not play you but they’d say one thing and do something else.But our gaffer isn’t like that.”