Currie's Fergus Scott. Pic: SNS/SRU

Premiership Round-up: Currie edge thriller

Co-captain Fergus Scott scored the winning try with five minutes to go as Currie Chieftains defeated Tennent’s Premiership leaders Ayr 24-23 yesterday to honour the memory of Campbell Reynolds in style.

Now 50, Tony Stanger owns a talent-spotting business and coaches football. Picture: Neil Hanna

Interview: Scotland rugby hero Tony Stanger on why he loves football

If you’re a football man, determinedly of that persuasion and a bit sneering with it, then you might view Tony Stanger’s Hawick as the sporting equivalent of the flat earth society, a place where they believe that when leather and air conjoin the result must always be egg-shaped. Anything else 
is sacrilege, anything else is banned. Visitors will be searched and if spheres of perfect circumference are found these must be deposited in the giant receptacles at the town gates.

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