Celtic fans blast police after supporters filmed at friendly match

Celtic fans have hit out at 'police intimidation' after officers were spotted filming Hoops supporters attending the club's friendly match with Standard Liege at the weekend.

A Twitter account calling itself Fans Against Criminalisation posted a photo of an officer using a handheld camera and apparently recording video of fans at Celtic Park on Saturday.

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The account posted: “Filming and harassing fans during a non event friendly. The [Offensive Behaviour at Football act] is gone, but fans are for now, still viewed and treated as potential criminals. This needs to change.”

Unconfirmed reports suggested the police officer was filming fans situated in the area of the stadium where the fans’ group the Green Brigade congregates.

Celtic’s supporter liaison officer John Paul Taylor has already promised to address fans’ concerns after several tweeted him to ask about the legality of the incident.

One fan wrote: “If fans throw flares and produce offensive banners what are we to expect. Act responsible and they will stop their filming.”

Another added: “Can’t say I see any harassing going on in this picture! Surely it’s up to Police Scotland to decide how to approach policing at a football match...or anywhere else for that matter? Seem to recall they were filming outside a Neil Young gig a few years ago. So what?”

Celtic fans pictured in 2013 protesting against the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act. Picture: SNS Group

A follower of Southampton stated: “They do it to everyone, it’s standard police behaviour. I’m a Southampton supporter in England.

“We get it here (as far back as I can remember!), you’re not a harassed minority all football fans in the UK get it.”

But another supporter replied: “Can’t really argue about safety checks but the filming fans during a pre season friendly is terrible.”
Another wrote: “I thought they were only supposed to film when they hear or see something offensive? Seems like they just film when they want.”

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