The Scotsman Rugby Show: Episode 4 - More club rugby and Peter Dods’ heroes

Episode 5 of The Scotsman Rugby Show is available now
Episode 5 of The Scotsman Rugby Show is available now
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IN THIS week’s Scotsman rugby show we have tries from Gala, Currie and Dundee.

We also hear from Gregor Townsend on Glasgow’s difficult start to the season and have a special feature on the new laws coming into the game this season with Scottish referee Andrew McMenemy and students from Borders college.

Former Gala and Scotland full-back Peter Dods looks back on his career and Serge Blanco features prominently in the good and the bad times.

The show wraps up all the results and fixtures in the Premiership and National League and Rabo Direct Pro12.

Thank you for all the feedback to last week’s show - the good and the bad points - and let us know who or what you would like to see in forthcoming editions. Email our chief rugby writer and presenter directly at:


Dear David,

I want to thank you for the Scotsman Rugby Show on your rugby webpages. It is refreshing to see Premiership rugby again and to get a

round-up of the domestic game. The other features, like the piece on new laws with Andy McMenemy and the Scotland Legends are also very

enjoyable and informative. Congratulations on a super initiative. Long may it continue . . . and hopefully grow and prosper.

I lived abroad for 15 years and would have loved to have this when I was out of the country. As it is, I am loving it even though I am now home.


A. Peterson

Dear David,

I live in the Caribbean, having left from Stirling almost ten years ago. As the Caribbean has developed and internet has gotten better I have tried to stay in touch with Scottish rugby over the years but it has been hard. When I first arrived we couldn’t even watch the Six Nations till a few days after the game, when one of the guys in our club would receive a FedEx with the games on video that we would watch in the British Virgin Islands RFC clubhouse after training on a Thursday night with a beer and curry.

It is now an absolute pleasure to have decent enough internet that enables me to watch this weekly round up of Scottish rugby. Thank you for producing and putting this online for us expats to enjoy.

Keep up the good work.


A. Davidson


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