£2.5m push planned for marketing 2014 Games

Scotland’s tourism agency will spend £2.5 million on marketing the 2014 Commonwealth Games at home and abroad, it has been announced.

VisitScotland has revealed the first details of its campaign to promote host city Glasgow and the wider country to the world in the run-up to the event next summer.

The organisation has already targeted thousands of potential domestic visitors through a series of direct mailing initiatives and e-zines.

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Alongside this, television adverts will be broadcast to millions of viewers across the UK and Ireland later this year.

VisitScotland plans to use the enthusiasm generated by London 2012, with marketing in the south-east of England, as well as focusing on the country’s north-west, including Manchester, host of the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

Journalists from India, Australia and Canada have been invited to experience Glasgow and the Games venues, as well as take trips outside the city, while a series of sales missions, trade workshops and media events are scheduled in India, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

VisitScotland chairman Mike Cantlay said: “Ahead of welcoming the world in 2014, we’re working hard to promote the Games as one of the must-see events next year, engaging with world-leading publications and pursuing a marketing campaign which will see activity from 
Bangalore to Toronto – alongside an extensive push here at home.

“Our message is clear: enjoy a magnificent Commonwealth Games, enjoy one of the best cities in the world – and now go and enjoy the rest of Scotland.”