Project aims for 150 tennis schools

Pupils from three Edinburgh schools '“ James Gillespie's, '¨Firrhill High and Liberton High '“ are to take part in a new tennis project.

Picture: Creative Commons
Picture: Creative Commons

Tennis Scotland has been working in partnership with the Tennis Foundation and the aim is to grow the game in the schools through close links with coaches and clubs in the local community.

The School of Tennis programme, run by Britain’s leading tennis charity the Tennis Foundation, aims to radically change the way tennis is delivered in secondary schools to make it more relevant and engaging for teenagers

“There is a sharp dip in tennis participation as young people reach their mid-teens and many don’t realise the many varieties of tennis available away from the traditional game,” said Scotland regional development manager (East) Stuart Brown.

“The School of Tennis programme aims to reverse this decline by giving secondary schools the support and funding needed so they can deliver tennis in the form and way that best suits their school and their pupils.”

Twenty-one pilot Schools of Tennis have been established across Great Britain this year with the aim to establish 150 by 2018.

Gillespie’s, Firrhill and Liberton will receive around £5,000 worth of support for the pilot and will work across key themes, Teaching and Learning, Student Leadership, Facilities and Equipment and Community Links.

Firrhill High’s head of P.E., Morag Carmichael said. “Being part of the School of Tennis is a fantastic opportunity. We are excited to be involved and keen to provide opportunities for our pupils.”