Vettel insists he will stay with Red Bull

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Sebastian Vettel can see no end in sight to the fairytale he is enjoying with Red Bull.

After becoming the youngest driver in history to clinch not just three titles, but to do so in succession, Vettel has reassured his team he has no intention of jumping ship. The 25-year-old German has a contract to the end of 2014, which he has again insisted he will honour. That was a reference to Vettel being linked with Ferrari for 2014 throughout the campaign, which could be viewed as an attempt at destabilisation. After finishing sixth in Sunday’s Brazilian Grand Prix to win the title by three points, Vettel mentioned “a lot of 
people tried to play dirty tricks”, but refused to expand.

The question now is: what could motivate him to remain with Red Bull? Vettel Said: “I don’t want to get carried away with next year. I’m very happy now and I want to have a good time with the guys, and then recharge the batteries. It’s been a tough, long season and I want to come back in shape next year. But I’m with the team. I have a contract until the end of 2014 and I’m very happy with what we have achieved so far, and I don’t think this story is over yet. So I’m very happy and extremely committed to give everything I have in the next (two) years when I’m with them.”

Vettel also refused to suggest he could one day eclipse Michael Schumacher’s records of seven titles, 91 race wins and 68 poles.

Although firmly on his way with three championships, 
26 victories and 36 poles, Vettel said: “I’m not commenting on that because it’s nonsense. 
Whatever he has achieved in his career is unbelievable. People tend to forget he was dominant like no other driver ever in 
Formula One during his time.”