Edinburgh Monarchs’ Ingliston move stalled

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Edinburgh Monarchs speedway bosses today conceded that the club’s proposed move to Ingliston is “dead in the water” for this season and are now looking at a possible entry date of 2014.

Monarchs’ application to switch their current operation at Armadale to the Royal Highland Showground has been under discussion for over a year, and according to Highland Centre Limited director Archie Glendinning the matter is still under review but gave no indication as to when,or if, Monarchs, will receive the green light to stage the sport back within city boundaries for the first time since 1977 when they were based at Powderhall Stadium.

Glendinning told the Evening News: “I’m not in a position to say anything at the moment, it is being reviewed and we have had discussions with Edinburgh Monarchs, but no decision has been made either way.”

Asked why the issue is taking so long to rule on, Glendinning added: “It depends on the nature of what you are talking about, and this is very much an infra-structural one, and we are linked to all sorts of things, so the situation remains just as I have described.”

Monarchs chairman Alex Harkess, who made the initial inquiry about moving to Ingliston said: “We actually spoke to the Ingliston people last week but they had no answers for us, which seems a bit incredible.

“But they remain positive and haven’t sounded negative in any way. The problem is our proposal has to go through a raft of various committees before a final verdict is reached, and this is why we are looking at 2014, our plan is dead in the water for this season.”

Monarchs will continue to race at Armadale which has been their home since 1997 and Harkess revealed improvements to the West Lothian venue are well under way to make the Friday night experience for spectators more enjoyable.

Monarchs have already moved the starting gate to the back straight and will create a new entry to the pits from their overflow car park, and in response to concerns that the new first and second bends,are not wholy visible because of fence boards, Harkess replied: “This is being addressed and supporters are in for a surprise when they turn up on opening night.”