Riddoch aims to increase support

EDINBURGH have appointed the former Aberdeen FC marketing chief to take charge of new plans to drive up supporters of the capital's professional rugby team.

Ian Riddoch, a 39-year-old Aberdonian, has a wide experience in sport, having worked in English football, with Euro 96 and the national team, and Superleague, with the inaugural Grand Final at Old Trafford, Wigan and the Scotland rugby league team. From 2001 until May this year, he was Aberdeen's sales and marketing director and he will now take up the post of commercial director with Edinburgh.

He stated: "The potential for this club is massive as the capital is thriving. Our aim is to attract as many people as possible to matches which we see as events where rugby is the meat in the sandwich. A trip to see Edinburgh Gunners should be all about fun, family and affordability.

"With matches on Friday nights, we won't be clashing with other rugby commitments so we will be establishing key links with the market-place in Edinburgh and beyond to increase crowd numbers. It won't happen overnight, but I'm glad to be involved with the club at such an exciting time."

His role was described as "to provide commercial and business support and experience to the other key members of staff, particularly in the sporting environment."

Alex Carruthers, Edinburgh's new executive chairman, said: "This is obviously a major appointment and further illustrates our commitment to develop the Edinburgh brand and ensure we maximise potential revenue streams."