Hillside enjoy best of Boath amid semi-final heartache

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Hillside contested four of the five semi-finals of the Mackay Joinery Manufacturing-sponsored Knockout Championships of the Edinburgh Bowling League played at Parkside last night, but Adam Boath in the Junior Singles was the only one to spark victory celebrations.

Boath achieved his success with a 21-18 victory over District 11 Under 25 champion Nicky Brown of Leith having first accelerated from 6-7 to 16-7 then answering pressure at 16-16 with a 2, 2, (2), 1 finish to win in 25 ends.

But the fancied Pairs partnership of Kevin Moncur and District 11 singles champion Gary Muir were unable to deliver from 10-4 down and lost 17-9 to Steven Derighetti and Derek McLean of Tanfield.

More grief for Hillside came with the defeat of Colin Hairs, Graeme Laidlaw and BJ Smith in the Triples where they lost a costly 5 to go 11-8 behind then made a 14-9 exit to Donald 
Forsyth, Ally Mackay and Ian Ramsay of Leith.

Dean were the executioners in the Fours but it took a last-bowl killer delivery for Bob Cranston to skip Norman Dall, Jim Moffat and Ross Fairbairn to an 11-9 win over Brian Muir, Jim Headspeath, Jamie Headspeath and Brian Irving.

George McNab carried the Dean banner through to the final of the Singles with a 21-5 win over Scott Walker of Queensberry.

Hillside hosted the other semi-finals and a thrilling climax to the Triples saw Martin Lewis of Portobello produce a brilliant chap and lie for a 2 to skip Malcolm Thom and Joe Howie to a 13-12 win over Donald Innes, Dougie Pollard and Brian Jempson of Queensberry.

The other results were: Singles: G Ward (Leith) 21 D Brown (Tipperlinn) 11; J/Singles, E Craig (Pilrig) 21 J Davidson (Queensbery) 7; Pairs: Dean (R Watson & A McNab) 17 Parkside (W Watson & A Hargan) 14; Fours: Queensberry (D Binnie, P Kirkland, D Jempson and J McDougall) 21 Tipperlinn (S Powell, J Grooby, R Hirst and I Sommerville) 12.