Fraser on fishing: The trout won . . . this time

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Linlithgow Loch is proving to be one of the top boat venues in Scotland, writes STUART FRASER.

However, on arrival it looked as though it was going to be a scorcher which is good for sunbathing but not for fishing.

Management suggested the far bank and the deep hole in the main bay so I went out with a full floater with a cat booby on the point and two cormorants on the droppers. Despite several tugs and pulls, things went quiet for long spells so I changed up to a fast glass and motored in between the two 
islands where several boats were anchored.

I watched as one boat was playing a fish so I manoeuvred the boat to drift down the back of it. Fishing deep and slow I was getting a lot of tail nipping but no lock-ons which was 
becoming very frustrating. However, my perseverance paid off as I connected into a sizeable fish and played it out for several minutes. I knew it was a good one as it buried deep and 
refused to surface.

Eventually something had to give and, as it started to come to the surface I felt my line go slack. My line had snapped and I was left with just my top dropper.

That was to be my last 
action despite changing lines as well as flies and covering most of the water. But that’s fishing for you and on this occasion the trout won.