Fishing: Yellow owl having it Largs

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I managed to get a few hours in at Middleton fishery when through at Largs on business.

Going out on to the almost square shaped water it was evident that most of the rods were on sight indicators using lures or buzzers suspended sub surface. I opted to go out with a midge tip and two-tone damsel which has served me well in the past.

I was getting several offers but nothing to write home about. Anglers either side of me were lacing them on okay dokay which I was to find out later. It was only when a platform became available at the sluices that I started to get fish. I noticed that there were certain hot spots and anglers would not move off them until they had their limit or longer. Takes were very soft almost sucked in but once hooked they fought really hard and still struggled even in the net.

I took another two at 3lb from the sluices before heading to the top end at fishing lodge. For the final hour I thought I would dabble with the dry fly to see if I could tempt something. Switching to the full floater and a single Yellow Owl cdc I cast it out and left it. What a great hour it turned out with offer after offer but no lock on. Still it was great fun and it was fantastic watching the fish turn on the fly.