Angling: Hemmed in and hungover

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IF ever the writing was on the wall it was the “Grab a Grand” competition at Tweeddale. Nursing a severe hangover is not what the doctor ordered, but, as I had entered, I had to go.

The position between each competitor was very close and allowed little room for error. Not only was I hemmed in by the angler on my left, but I was catching the dividing rope with my wind-blown line.

Moving three places was just as bad, although it was the same for everyone.

Rods were bending up and along the dam wall and I could only watch and hope to get there soon. The anglers that were catching were hooking fish at all depths and various speeds.

Black and green and white lures were most effective and not for the deftest of touches.

To add insult to injury the rain came down in torrents making it a really miserable session.

As the match wore on it looked like an angler would need to get double figures to have a chance of qualifying.

Despite one or two offers, I could tell it was not going to be my day so I retired gracefully to fight another day.

Some nice fish were getting caught. It is a pity it was spoiled by the weather, but there will be other better days.