Rugby fans' anger over Scotland's red and yellow kit

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RUGBY fans were today split over a controversial new Scottish change strip due to be formally launched on Wednesday.

One supporter even said: "It is like a Partick Thistle tribute shirt."

Murrayfield bosses have previewed the kit, which features red and yellow stripes along the shoulders and sleeves of a predominantly white jersey, on their official website - and reaction has been swift.

Inevitably the colour scheme evokes comparisons with a bold orange strip foisted on an unsuspecting public in 1998 and used for the World Cup a year later.

It was widely condemned as not being in keeping with tradition.

But other fans have given the new kit the thumbs up, with one supporter claiming the genesis of the strip lay in the Lion Rampant flag.

He wrote on a fans' forum: "I think the colours may come from the Scottish Royal flag - a red lion rampant on an orange (gold) background."

But another fan said: "There have been many atrocious Scotland strips over the years (who can forget the vile orange) but the latest one really is taking it too far. Since when were yellow and red part of Scottish colours? It should be dark blue with a little bit of white for the home and white with a little bit of light blue for the away. Not yellow or purple or orange or anything like that."

Some reckon rugby bosses have looked to football for inspiration.

A comment reads: "Where did they get the colour scheme? It's like a Partick Thistle tribute shirt."

Controversy over Scotland change strips is nothing new, however.

Aside from the orange - or mandarin - jersey there was an outcry when the SRU introduced a purple stripe down the team livery though this was defended on grounds that it reflected the SRU corporate colours.

The change kit amendment comes a year after Scotland re-designed their home strip.

In 2005, the team turned to navy shorts with white under-arm and side panels which may have been calculated to appeal to younger supporters.

The new white-yellow-red strip could be worn for the first time in November's Autumn internationals when Scotland are due to entertain Romania, the Pacific Islands and Australia.