Leeds skipper stokes up Cup clash with Utd

LEEDS captain Richard Naylor has spiced up the first meeting between two of football's oldest and fiercest rivals in almost six years by declaring he "does not like Manchester United very much".

Naylor, a lifelong Leeds fan, has helped guide Simon Grayson's side to a runaway lead at the top of League One ahead of their FA Cup third-round tie at Old Trafford tomorrow.

But, despite the clubs having gone down very different paths since they regularly fought each other at the top of the Premier League, Naylor is adamant the rivalry and ill-feeling between them still exists.

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"It's a big game and, after growing up a Leeds fan with all the history, you don't like them very much," the 32-year-old said. "There's not much love for Manchester United, obviously.

"But I don't hate them and they've gone on to great things whereas us, as a club, have struggled over the last few years.

"If you ask any of their players that have been at the club a long time, the likes of Gary Neville, he will know the history between us and I'm sure he's got no love for Leeds United and vice versa.

"We've got the most loyal supporters in the country," he said. "They've stuck with us through the lean times and a game like this is a big thing for them."