Kelso ban five after incident

Five senior players have been suspended by Kelso Rugby Club after a stag night incident with a pool cue left a fellow player with internal injuries.

David Rankin, who resigned as club captain when details of the incident emerged last week, has been suspended for the rest of the season. Graeme Aitchison, David Baird, Graeme Cowe and Stuart Laing have all been banned for four weeks.

Steven Rowley, 30, a lock forward with the Borders club, ended up in hospital after being stripped and assaulted with a pool cue at his own stag party, held at Kelso’s Poynder Park clubrooms ten days ago.

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Club administrator Roy White said last night: "It was decided unanimously at a full committee meeting on Monday that the reprimand issued to the players by the president last week was not severe enough.

"Dave Rankin resigned as captain last week, when the president and vice-president spoke with the players, but the committee felt more severe action was required, and he has been suspended until the end of the season, and the others - Graeme Aitchison, David Baird, Graeme Cowe and Stuart Laing - for four weeks."

All five named are leading players with the Division 2 side. Up to six other individuals admitted lesser involvement.

Rowley, who required internal stitches after the incident, was married at the weekend, and is now on honeymoon.

Last week Margaret Riddell, the provost of Kelso and sister of former Scotland international Eric Paxton, was reported to have been "shocked and disgusted" by the incident.

Last night, the suspended players declined to comment on their punishment.

Scottish Rugby Union spokesman Graham Law said that no central action would be taken. "We will abide by the club’s decision on any disciplinary measures," said Law.

Police investigations into the incident are continuing.

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