Hibs: Your Views

2010-11 at a glance..

Gregor McKenzie, Balgreen: "I saw an interview with Eddie Turnbull and I'd like to know what he thinks of this bunch of players - personally I think they're a disgrace to the jersey.

"Riordan managed to get himself a suspension in order to prove a stupid point (hardly showing the discipline you'd hope for in a captain though I can understand him feeling frustrated at the poor quality of long balls he was forced to chase throughout the first half) and the fans also did not cover themselves in glory by throwing missiles at Kyle and Skacel, though they were both guilty of a degree of provocation.

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"A very depressing afternoon and I feel embarrassed to be a Hibernian supporter right now."

Murray McKean, Stockbridge: "The two Hearts goals summed up exactly what's wrong with this Hibs team, no-one prepared to commit themselves to a challenge, no-one prepared to gamble on getting a foot in. Soft-centred, spineless and pathetic.

"Furthermore the current Hibs squad encapsulate everything I feel is wrong with modern football: we appear to have a group of players whose ambition goes no further than coasting along in a mediocre team in a substandard league. As long as they are handsomely rewarded for their minimal effort they appear comfortable with under-achievement, failure and eventual nonentity.

"There are many players out of contract at the end of the season and I hope for the sake of this club the manager and board have the courage to tell the vast majority of them their services won't be required any longer, I've seen worse Hibs teams than this but I've never seen a team so lacking in self-respect and I'm thoroughly sickened.

"Hibernian FC deserves better and the fans deserve better, we will come good again but it won't be with this bunch."

Roddy Kerrigan. Leith: "Thankfully we were playing a really poor Hearts side, if we were playing a half-decent team we would have been humiliated. Totally inept performance, you wouldn't have known that they had ever played with each other before, very disappointed."

Colin Linnane, Leith: "It's at times like these that I'm glad I don't work on Mondays. It's hard to take any positives from a game where our only shot on target came in the 90th minute.

"Watching our captain lose his head like that and sections of our support not far behind, it's enough to drive a man to drink. And here I am! Dearie, dearie me."

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Drew Wright, Leith: "It was apparent some time ago that this is going to be a long, hard season and today was no exception.

"Guys like Liam Miller have just been coasting along when we should be seeing players like him taking games by the scruff of the neck. Where is the hunger?"

Derek Thomson, Abbeyhill: "I'm sorry to say we were well beaten by a better team. We had a wee spell at the start of the second half but apart from that we were awful. It's going to be a long, hard season."

Alan Chalmers, Bonnyrigg: "I was impressed with the new East Stand, shame the players didn't manage to do it justice. Bring on January, I only hope Mr Petrie will allow the manager to spend some money as we desperately need some improvements."

Andy Mallarkey, Edinburgh: "I was very disappointed with this performance. Apart from the first part of the second half before Hearts scored we seemed to lack drive, passing ability and accuracy. I'll skip the highlights show on Monday as there won't be anything worth watching."

Derek Garside, Edinburgh: "That was the worst 90 minutes of Hibs football I've seen in a long time. No shape, no discipline and no hunger. Nothing positive from the whole match."