Hibs: Your Say

Dave Wilson, Lochend: "It was an absolutely disgraceful performance from Hibs. I think Yogi has lost the plot. Using players like Steven Thicot, who has hardly featured this season, in what was arguably one of the biggest games of the season is just not good enough. Overall, I would say we suffered from some poor tactics, and not having enough winners in the team! We've got a big game coming up this weekend against Celtic and I think we need to change it around – I would start by giving

Bryan Phillips, Marchmont: "When will this ever end? We are going through a half-season slump and Hughes can think himself lucky that this is the second half of the season rather than the first. On that form he would be looking for a new job by Christmas if we had started off like this. It is a mystery how we can go from being so positive to such an unorganised, disinterested, half-hearted team in such a short period of time. I wonder if things are going on behind the scenes that the fans don't know about - morale is at an all-time low and I find it odd things can change so quickly. We started so positively and I genuinely thought we had turned the corner for the first twenty minutes. Cregg looked sharp and Riordan was a different player. Why, then, did Hughes decide to put him out on the wing, where he quite obviously lost efficiency? Unbelievable stuff. Nish is clearly low on confidence so why start him ahead of Benji? I really don't know if I can be bothered going to the Celtic game on Sunday after that – why should I let my long weekend be spoiled? When it gets to this stage you really have to wonder how many season-ticket holders will be renewing. If I had one I'd be thinking twice. We're just lucky that we've got enough points to stay in the top six."