Hibs: Your Say

Hibs will have to produce the goods quickly to get the fans back on their side ..

Gary Barker, Edinburgh: "When a business sells a product the product has to be quality. Hibernian FC is a business and, at the moment, they are selling a poor quality product. Everyone can see this apart from, it seems, the manager. I'm a manager in a factory and if my team are not performing it's my responsibility to sort it out. I would need to explain to the board why it's gone wrong, but you can't sort something unless you admit it's wrong in the first place. So, regarding the selling of seats via season tickets, we as a club will find it very difficult to sell a poor quality product to even a hardcore of fans as we are being cheated by a bunch of players who don't seem to care."

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Neil Wilson, Prestonfield: "Another dismal performance and we will soon be running out of adjectives to describe this Hibs team. The end of the season can't come soon enough for the fans and, it seems, the players .."

Angus McCulloch, Burntisland: "It looks as though most of the team are already thinking about their summer holidays. They should be made to stay at home just like us Hibbies, who were looking forward to a trip abroad. Sunshine on Leith, indeed. And who said 'the league table never lies'? On current form, we should be fighting relegation so the players need to realise that there is still something to play for this season."