Hibs: Final Answer

We asked the fans if they'd prefer to see Derek Riordan playing through the middle rather than on the left

Steve McKenzie, Bellevue: "Without a doubt. He is the best finisher in the league and playing him wide left, where he is not really involved, is unbelievable. Get him up front beside Stokes and watch the goals flow."

Kenny Murphy, Joppa: "Deeks is wasted and no real asset playing, in effect, left midfield. This change in position was started by Mixu and carried on now by Yogi. Do we really want to be leaving games saying: 'Wow, Deeks worked his socks off today tracking back' or do we want to say: 'Wow, what a winner that was from Deeks!'." Deeks' game is all about the latter. Folk say he's always played to the left and he has, but always in a much more forward role. Almost to the left of the hole behind the front man. Playing in his current left midfield role its obvious Deeks is becoming frustrated. His game is entirely about scoring goals. And his previous record of playing in a more natural position would suggest he's pretty damn good at that. Get him back further forward. We need the goals and its goals that win football matches.

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Chris Harrison, Wentworth: "As a frustrated striker turned left winger myself I would prefer Riordan though the middle as he is a natural-born striker."

Steve Heyburn, Gorebridge: "Get him back in the middle, or sell him, out left is not his natural game, he just got back in the Scotland squad playing further up front, he won't get a look in for another cap unless he is played further up the park."

Gary Hales, Drylaw: "Smart move if Hughes moved him up the park, he's not a happy player playing left half. Riordan is a striker and we are wasting his talents by playing him there."

Dave Fraser, Dunkeld: "My main concern is that we will lose Derek if he isn't played in his proper position, whist he isn't playing bad he isn't scoring goals and we all know that's what he is on this planet to do, but let's just let Yogi get him sorted and back amongst the goals again. We have lost him once and we must make sure we don't lose him again. The same applies to Ian Murray, pay him what he is worth and get him signed up again and stop all this negativity."