Hibee mantra sticks in my throat

During 1949-50, a group of pupils from Falkirk High School went by train to support Falkirk against Hibs at Easter Road. We lost, and I have had since split loyalties – mainly towards Hibs by season ticket, occasional visits or from afar.

During the intervening years, many players have come and gone, managers have changed, directors have changed, as indeed has the ground. However, one thing has remained constant, almost permanently – continual promise of better days to come, ending in failure.

Where has it all gone wrong again?


Creteil Court


Old Firm bias clear in penalty award statistics

How often have football matches involving one of the two Old Firm teams been decided by dubious penalties? Hibs lost at home last Sunday to what, by many accounts, appears to have been a dubious decision. A few years back I carried out minor research using plain SPL info and found that the amount of penalties awarded (if that is the word) to Celtic and Rangers were either equal to or in excess of the combined totals of the other SPL teams. Recently Celtic complained about such decisions going against them, which sounds to me like a motorist telling the police that the tree hit his car and not the other way round!


Forman Drive


Bookmakers shouldn’t push their luck

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Bookmakers did not waste any time in the usual bleating about how they were taken for millions by Tony McCoy winning the Grand National on Don’t Push It. Brass necks and short memories are obviously all the rage within their profession – didn’t they take the punters for considerably more than millions at the Cheltenham Festival only last month?


Ferry Gait,