Hearts: Chief weighs into refs row with call for improved standards

Hearts chief weighs into refs row with call for improved standards

Hearts have weighed into the officiating row which has engulfed Scottish football, with board director Sergejus Fedotovas calling for improved standards of officiating to avoid "bias" and "the risk of match fixing".

Assistant referee Steven Craven resigned and referee Dougie McDonald received a warning from the Scottish Football Association's referees committee as the fallout from Celtic's controversial 2-1 win at Dundee United continued this week.

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Fedotovas accepts human error is a part of the game but said referees must explain contentious decisions and suggested incidents involving Rangers and Celtic were given greater attention by the game's administrators.

Fedotovas said: "Refereeing standards need to go up significantly. If there is poor performance on the park by players it does not mean that the referee needs to match that level. Referees need to come out after the game and comment and explain their decisions. There is no place for a high proportion of human error meaning low standards. It can easily be a cover for bias and match fixing."

Fedotovas added: "The Scottish FA needs to continue working to improve refereeing standards by implementing the best practices available in the world and being innovative to insure that the Scottish game is not a place for reputation-damaging situations."