Spencer Henderson’s high hopes for hungry young Scots golfers

A crop of talented and hungry young Scottish golfers have been tipped to go all the way to the top in the game after starting to show real potential in the amateur ranks.

Cameron Adam, Gregor Graham, Ruben Lindsay, Aidan O’Hagan, Calum Scott and Cormac Sharpe joined forces to land victory for Scotland in a Boys’ Quadrangular event at Troon Darley over the Easter weekend.

After beating Wales then Ireland in their opening two matches, the home team faced the Netherlands in the title decider, which they won 7-2 to claim the title for the first time since 2015.

“We brought the boys in a couple of winters ago to our training squad after watching most of them at 36-hole development days that we ran to identify players with potential,” said Spencer Henderson, Scottish Golf’s national boys’ coach.

“I felt that age group was missing from our Scottish Golf boys programme when I came back to Scotland and a number of them came through Stephen Gallacher and Paul Lawrie Foundations as young players.

“They have been supported for the past two winters by Scottish Golf through winter training and also tournaments to help develop them.

“They have had access to a tour caddie (Dave Kenny), sport psychologist, professionals, nutritionist, physical preparation coaches etc to help prepare them for the future.”

In the build up to the event in Ayrshire, the group played with six Scottish professionals, including Vic Open winner David Law and fellow European Tour card holder Bob MacIntyre, at The Renaissance Club in East Lothian.

“That was a great opportunity and experience for them,” added Henderson.

“They are a really strong group. I have been really excited by this bunch of players since they were selected at 13-14 years old and will continue to develop them as they keep up 
the hard work and great attitudes.”