Scientists to explain golf swing myths

THE “myths” of swinging a golf club will be the subject of a special lecture at the Edinburgh International Science Festival later this month.

Dr Steve Otto, a former NASA scientist who is now the R&A’s director of research and testing, will use on-course elements recorded at Muirfield, venue for this year’s Open Championship, as part of his lecture.

Entitled “The Science of Golf from Tee to Green”, it will focus on the the fundamental physics of golf and include research insights into shaft dynamics, metallurgy and ball construction.

“Even the best golfers in the world may not fully understand the details of striking a golf ball and there are many common myths and misconceptions surrounding the process,” said Dr Otto.

“In this lecture I will explore some of these myths surrounding it and show what actually happens when a golfer hits a golf ball. At impact, for example, it accelerates from zero to 180 miles per hour in less than 1,000th of a second. “

The lecture takes place in the National Museum of Scotland at 5.30pm on Saturday 30 March and includes a question and answer session Tickets are available online at