Colin Montgomerie called ‘English’ in awkward interview

The Scottish golfer Colin Montgomerie. Picture: Ian Rutherford
The Scottish golfer Colin Montgomerie. Picture: Ian Rutherford
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Scottish golfer Colin Montgomerie got into an awkward exchange with a reporter after he was described as being “English” in the build up to a question.

Speaking prior to the Senior PGA Championship, Montgomerie was quizzed on his views of golf returning to the Olympics this summer in Rio de Janeiro.

The reporter began: “Now the Olympics comes into play which is becoming a concern for many different reasons. In your mind, being English, is it important -”

“Scottish,” interrupted Montgomerie.

“I like English or better?” asked the reporter.

Montgomerie then fired back with: “Are you American, Mexican, or Canadian?”

The two then settled on “British”, with Montgomerie ending the exchange by remarking: “British is fine. I’ll take British. It beats English.”


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