Fraser on fishing: Waiting game pays off

I managed to get a boat at Lochend on the Lake of 
Menteith recently, writes STUART FRASER.

It was an indifferent sort of day, with flat calms then gusty winds turning the boat in all directions. My boat partner and I persevered in front of the big house for the best part of an hour before moving. We were making for the cages when I decided to take a drift at the Rookery, one of my favourite areas.

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Fishing a fast glass and two boobies eight foot apart I cast into the reeds as far as I could get and pulled back fast. It was a solid lock on as the 3lb fish tried to bury itself in the reeds. Putting plenty side strain on, I coaxed it out and into the net. Next drift I let the line go down a bit and gave a fast figure of eight retrieve. I could feel the booby being tugged, but I did not strike and kept on 
retrieving. Just as I was about to lift off and recast a fish of about 4lb struck. It was a fine looking blue and refused to be bullied, darting away every time I went close with a net. However, I played the waiting game and tired it out sufficiently to slip the net under. A flat calm descended and I have never seen so many fish rise to the surface.

But whatever both of us threw at them they would not take. It was infuriating watching some big slabs come so close yet so far but it was good to see and I will be back.