'˜World class' Eros Grezda '˜could have done better than Rangers'

Albania coach Alban Bushi reckons '˜world class' Eros Grezda should have signed for a much bigger club than Rangers.

Eros Grezda, right, playing against Italy in World Cup qualification. Picture: AFP/Getty

The winger moved from Croatian side Osijek just before transfer deadline in a £2 million move to the Ibrox side.

Grezda is in the Albanian squad for next week’s Nations League showdown with the Scots at Hampden.

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But Albania coach, current Under 21s manager and 67-times capped former striker Bushi admits he was surprised he agreed to move to Scotland.

He said: “When you look at just how talented Grezda is, we all expected him to move to a bigger stage than at Rangers.

“He’s a player who can be world class.

“But I am sure he will be able to quickly prove himself at Rangers and knowing his qualities, he will make a big impact.

“He deserves a big transfer and I think he will do well in Scotland.

“He is a very important player for Albania and when he plays well, we tend to do well. Eros has worked very hard and I wish him luck.”