Fans lash out at Charlie Nicholas on Twitter over McTominay comments

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The vast majority of Scottish football fans were delighted to hear that Manchester United’s rising star Scott McTominay had decided to play for Scotland rather than the country of his birth, England.

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However, one notable Scotsman wasn’t overly thrilled with the midfielder’s choice and made his feelings known.

Sky Sports pundit Charlie Nicholas, a former Scottish international himself, criticised the 21-year-old and questioned whether he had picked his paternal heritage just so he could put “international footballer” at the top of his CV.

Nicholas also believes Scotland are selecting too many players from England and it’s taking away from national identity.

His words led to an immediate backlash from fans on social media. We’ve collated some of the cleaner responses below...

Charlie Nicholas criticised Scott McTominay's decision to declare his international future to Scotland. Picture: John Devlin

Charlie Nicholas criticised Scott McTominay's decision to declare his international future to Scotland. Picture: John Devlin

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@DuncMcKay: Hi @SkySports can you please come and collect your son Charlie? He’s peed himself for attention again

@Nareystoepoker: Funny, I bet Charlie Nicholas had no qualms with Andy Goram or Stuart McCall (born in England), Richard Gough (born in Sweden) or Kieran Tierney (born in Isle Of Man) playing for Scotland.

@SibsMUFC: Needs the Scotland team to get sponsors? He’s playing for a club with an official tractor, mattress and noodle partner.

@Sinky65: Advice from a guy that chose the bright lights of London instead of his career! Can’t get my head around a Scotsman raging that a good prospect chose Scotland over England! I’m pretty sure he would have made way more money from sponsors representing England as well. Clown.

@tbilisidon: What a bizarre claim. He’s a starter for Man U just now. Not sure how a few scotland caps would make any difference to his CV. Need to embrace the lad.

@BLUEANDWHITE212: Bit like when Charlie played, Scotland fans hated when he was picked.

@strange_uboat: Given his own football lifestyle issues, surprised that Champagne Charlie Nicholas sees McTominay as a ‘glass half empty’ recruit. Identity is a complexity of birth, blood AND belonging. Think before you speak Charlie.

@gillenreid: Charlie Nicholas spouting some nonsense to do with McTominay, would like to hear his take on James McCarthy then, born and bread Glasweigan and yet after making a promise to his grandparents he plays for Ireland and does really well.

@timomouse: Speaking as someone born in Scotland, very definitely Scottish but with no hint of an accent, I can confirm that Charlie Nicholas is talking out of his backside here.

@Garyknight84: Charlie Nicholas questioning boy choosing Scotland over England... coming from a Scotsman who does nothing but have a pop at Scottish football to save face with his English chums on Soccer Saturday. Hypocrite.

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