Twitter reaction: Ally McCoist’s resignation offer

Ally McCoist has offered his resignation but remains in charge. Picture: Jane Barlow
Ally McCoist has offered his resignation but remains in charge. Picture: Jane Barlow
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ONLY under this Rangers board can a manager be under so much pressure and yet his potential resigning feels like a bolt from the blue. Ally McCoist had a stubborn belief in his ability to manage this team and regardless of whether the board agreed with him or not, they couldn’t afford to sack him.

At first it appeared like they wouldn’t have to. McCoist offered his resignation to the board. Of course, as we’ve been used to it with Rangers over the past couple of years, things aren’t as clear cut as they seem.

McCoist has only offered his resignation, he’s not actually left the job. Some sources even claim he still intends to continue as Rangers manager for the time being, working off a 12 month notice.

Regardless of the ins and outs, social media was awash with the news. Scottish football followers of all teams had something to say on the matter.

There were the Rangers supporters delighted at the news.

@neil_t_75: “I’m glad McCoist has left / is leaving. His tactics, team selections, signings, press conferences etc were a joke.”

@jameswalker42: “At least McCoist did the right thing even if it did take him 3 months too long to do it.”

@DougieMcL11: “Bit of a shock from McCoist but good decision, take your staff with you anaw.”

@140lee: “If McCoist goes, Durrant and McDowall need to as well but knowing us Durrant will probably get the job...”

Even though his Rangers side have underachieved this season there is no doubt that his time as both a player and assistant manager will ensure his status remains that of a club legend when his career in football is finished. They may have been happy at the news, but some Rangers supporters didn’t like to see this type of ending for their hero.

@K_Hastie72: “Gutted McCoist has left, might have been the worst manager we’ve ever had but rangers won’t be the same without him.”

@AllyHamilton24: “Although sometimes I questioned Ally McCoist as manager, he will always be a legend.”

@marsh1873: “Ally McCoist will always be my Rangers hero. Thank you for your service and loyalty. Just hope the next man has the club at heart like you.”

@Fraserwil: “Feel sorry for McCoist, poisoned chalice that job. If the clubs biggest ever legend can’t do I don’t know who can...”

As mentioned earlier, this is not a clear cut resignation, certainly not like the Stuart McCall’s departure from Motherwell earlier in the season. Spare a second to think of the poor members of the Scottish media who tried to paint a clear picture of the latest stunning event from Ibrox.

@LeckieBill: “So even when Ally McCoist resigns he doesn’t do walking away.”

@GrahamSpiers: “In good times, a football manager can show intent to resign and leave down the line. Not in bad times...”

@mrewanmurray: “McCoist essentially calling Rangers board’s bluff... pay me now and I’ll leave now... if you like...”

@STVRaman: “Ally McCoist on the #Rangers team bus which is currently en route to Dumfries ahead of tonight’s game v QOS.”

Twitter being Twitter, there were also a some jokes. Actually, lots of jokes. Thousands, in fact. Here are just a select few.

@Oldfirmfacts1: “Dejected fans in “McCoist must stay” demonstration. Dejected Celtic, Hearts and Hibs fans.”

@sweirz: “McCoist to quit #Rangers. No walking away, no new signings, no pre-season. But Llambias cancelling Christmas. Nae karaoke! THE LAST STRAW!”

@terracepodcast: “McCoist is like that boy/lassie you ken who at every party says ‘right, I’m off’ and is still there four hours later.”

@Nareystoepoker: “McCoist may have seen the writing on the wall; if he waits a few more months, Rangers might not be able to afford to give him a payoff.”

@Back_of_the_Net: “McCoist’s CV now a mixed one - successful striker, unproven manager. Several years of weak innuendo with Sue Barker on Question of Sport.”

@chrispaulgray: “McCoist has handed his CV into a nursing home as he has experience in working with the elderly.”


Ally McCoist ‘hands in Rangers resignation’


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