Sunderland fans react to Ally McCoist being linked to vacant manager's job

Ally McCoist. Picture: SNS
Ally McCoist. Picture: SNS
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Reports that Ally McCoist has emerged as one of the favourites for the Sunderland manager's job has provoked a storm of reaction among fans.

Sunderland are seeking a replacement for Simon Grayson, and chief executive Martin Bain knows McCosit and Walter Smith well from their Ibrox days together.

Our sister paper, the Sunderland Echo, has compiled a list of online reaction which shows the strength of feeling against the appointment of the former Rangers manager.

Facebook reaction

Michael Davies: Short and Bain - if the fans mean anything to you, you will read these forums to give value to our views. WE DO NOT WANT McCOIST OR WALTER SMITH at our club! Jobs for the boys hey, Bain? I think you should clear off actually.

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John Phillips: McCoist has managed in the equivalent of, what nowadays, can only be seen as non-league football. In addition to being the Manager when Rangers were financially imploding. Bain, of course, being Chief Executive. Mr Short get rid of Bain.

Marc King: Even if we got Pep or Conte as manager we still would be down cos players are rubbish and no budget to replace them times up on the club its end is here

Bob Forster: I have absolutely nothing against Ally McCoist but I'd much prefer Peter Reid. At least he knows English football and our best years in recent times were under his watch. Walter Smith? Failed at Everton. Yes brilliant at Rangers as was McCoist but so what?

Joe Graham: Bain's friends and family list. God help us

Mordey Street: McCoist neither impresses or depresses me. He is certainly intelligent and may well have the necesssary coaching skills, I don't know and neither do those who are ranting against the man

Mackem Duck: Bain's appointed the last 2 managers who were both disastrous, surely its Bain who should be sacked. As for McCoist, Smith etc., surely that will be the final straw for a lot of supporters.

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John Stephenson: Look there is a very good reason why Ally McCoist hasn't had a job since leaving Rangers and that is because people in the game don't think he is up to it. No doubt he is a loyal guy. He went through all sorts of garbage as the bottom fell out of Rangers. He is also a good laugh as we all know from his TV appearances. We are in a perilous position and we need a manager who has a proven track record of success in this division. We do not need ALLY MCCOIST.


@Yellowbug1969: If McCoist gets the job then Baine may as well go full on Rangers and put us into administration #SAFC

@BrentSaysHurl: Surely Bain won't appoint McCoist. He can't be that oblivious. The toxic atmosphere would intensify & it would be aimed at him.

@mobilemackem: If Bain's idea of an appointment of a genius who'll turn the entire club around is McCoist/Smith, then he needs to pack his bags now. #SAFC

@calsafc9: If Bain hires McCoist & Smith it shows how inept & arrogant he is. Still thinks it's better to hire who you know, rather than the right fit.

@samsonplace: If McCoist or any other member of the Scottish mafia gets the job then that’s me done with the club #Safc

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