Scottish League revamp up in the air

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SCOTTISH League chief executive David Longmuir admits that the men behind the reconstruction plans – himself, the SPL’s Neil Doncaster and Stewart Regan from the SFA – haven’t yet ruled on where Rangers will play in 2013/14, or even how many divisions there will be.

Ibrox manager Ally McCoist argues that, as Third Division champions, his club ought to be in the middle tier if 12-12-18 is chosen as the new set-up and Longmuir refused to rule that out.

“The honest answer is that there have been no discussions yet as to where Rangers will play if they go on to win the Third Division,” he said.

“We’re still debating whether we should proceed with the 12-12-18 model or, perhaps, invite two new clubs to join and switch to 12-12-10-10.

“That’s a decision which needs to be made and we would hope to vote on the issue as soon as possible.

“We’re hoping to produce the first draft of our rulebook next week. Proper governance and distribution of the money from the central pot are crucial for the new organisation. Our priority recently has been making sure that our constitution and articles of association are to everyone’s satisfaction.

“Consequently, we haven’t spoken about the Rangers issue. Obviously, if we decide on four leagues then the question is irrelevant because they will play in the third one.”

However, should they adhere to the original proposal, would Rangers be catapulted into the second tier?

“I’m sure that will be considered along with all the other options,” said Longmuir.